Wedding Ceremony

January 8, 2015

Your wedding is and will remain one of the signature moments in your life. It will rank with your confirmation, graduation from college, the birth of your child and the death of a parent. It is meant to be a joyous milestone that marks your passage through life. As such, it’s significance cannot be overstated. The wedding ceremony is a formality that is hallowed by millennia of tradition with consequences both civil and religious. It’s a very big deal. Getting it right and getting it right for you is worth all the time and trouble it takes. This article is designed to make the task of finding a ceremony venue somewhat easier.

Outdoor Wedding

Start with simple questions: what is the wedding of your dreams and why is it so? The answers are entirely personal. You don’t have to justify them to anyone. Have you always dreamed of a church wedding? Do you want a get-away wedding at a romantic tropical resort? In an art gallery surrounded by paintings and sculpture? Outdoors in a garden of spring flowers? A wedding in the woods? Have you always loved horses and want to be married on a horse farm? Would a wedding at a cottage that has been in the family for generations bring the whole family together? The only thing that matters is that your choice is meaningful to you. Some points to consider: