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If you need a Marriage Certificate rushed please follow these steps within 24 hours after your wedding:


** note: emergency in-person services are ONLY available at 47 Sheppard Avenue, Toronto, Ontario. (Proof of urgency is required) this method only has the potential to speed up the process if in-person processing is not possible **


  • Apply online right away for the long form certificate ($22.00 fee). Additionally, apply for short form (additional $15.00 fee) if immigration, sponsorship, etc. is the rush reason.
  • Send a letter (proof of urgency) stating the reason/s why the rush is required (immigration, vacation, job transfer etc.) with the application number clearly visible.
  • Any additional documentation to provide validity to the Proof of Urgency should be sent with the letter and completed marriage license.
  • This will need to be courier up to Thunder Bay within 24 hours after the wedding.
  • Clearly label the package as “URGENT SERVICE REQUIRED”



Office of the Register General

189 Red River Road, 3rd Floor

Thunder Bay, ON

P7B 6L8