Matt & Ashlee’s Magical Wedding Day @ Dundurn Castle – Oct. 1st 2017
February 9, 2018


Matt and I just want to thank you so,so much,like more than you could imagine, for literally making our wedding a fairy tale. Besides getting married at a castle (woooow!!!) the entire grounds captivated our guests, we probably got a compliment from every single person there how amazing it was. With most of our guests being from Hamilton I actually couldn’t believe how many have never experienced Dundurn. Matt and I actually took the pleasure of taking a guided tour of the estate a couple weeks before the wedding, and the history really made it all that more intriguing. You are the most welcoming, warming, and charming man we’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with. As you could probably tell, we are very laid back and easy to please. But as a bride on her wedding day, and a woman who loves organization, I was slightly sweaty upon the big day. All I can say, is trusting you and your team, and going with the flow ( my husbands favourite thing to say) ended exactly as I had hoped. ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!!!
On a side note, I can not leave Mark out, he was so charming on the phone, like I felt like I knew him already, he had me laughing and joking and gave me such a positive vibe. Then, although I was nervous, meeting him on my special day, he was exactly how he sounded on the phone, and the entire ceremony felt closer with him, as though he was a part of the family. It was so mind blowing how easy it was!!!
Nevermind you before the ceremony, during, and after, how you helped everyone find their place, feel secure, welcoming and loved. That kind of service just cannot be justified for. You are a true jem, a beautiful person – guiding couples into their future.

We appreciate and love every single step you and your team have done to make our very special happily ever after come true!!

All the best and all our love,

Matt and Ashlee